Q: Does this change effect my service or rate?

A: No all Middlesex Broadband customers will stay on your current rates and plans. The main difference is that you will now be able to log into the Bahama customer area (With your current Middlesex Broadband username and password) which has improved customer support and is fully mobile compatible.

Q: Who do I call for service issues or questions?

A: All Middlesex Broadband numbers and support emails will continue to work and are now connected to the Bahama customer support.  

Q: Will my service experience any interruptions? 

A: No, The only thing changing is our name and customer facing systems. Your service, equipment, and plan will not be effected in any way. 

Q: Do I still have the same account manager?

A: Yes, your account manager will stay the same. You can use their same Middlesex Broadband contact information however most email replies will now be from @bahamabroadband.com